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After having started painting with oil paint and figurative subjects, Naen very quickly turned to acrylic paint for the luminosity of its colors and a shorter drying time given the thick layers of paint that she likes to sleep on her canvases.
Very quickly her emotions and her imagination are expressed through abstract painting to which she will remain faithful, evolving towards larger and larger formats.
She discovered and was fascinated by the painting of her master, the Franco-Chinese painter Zao Wou-Ki!

She works the material, the thickness, the transparency of the colors, the dynamics of the movement until the final point of balance where the brush stops, where the knife remains suspended, where any evolution would be a rupture of harmony. The random has taken on its meaning, harmony has settled in, fragile and strong at the same time.

Over time and his research, his painting and his technique have evolved. In addition to acrylic paint, Naen constantly uses other mediums to allow him to express himself: inks for their luminosity, their fluidity and their transparency, solvent-based products which interact with each other creating surprising and harmonious effects, pigments of course, for the intensity of their colors, marble powder for the texture, gold leaf, dry pastels… The field of possibilities is infinite in the service of his creativity! It is therefore “mixed technique”.

Naen regularly works on commission.

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