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The pictorial alchemy of Naen

Between heaven and earth, Naen’s works invite us to a telluric exploration and a discovery of living and organic matter. If, at the same time, his paintings testify to his creative energy and his vitality, they nevertheless remain a place of experimentation.
Like a scientist in his laboratory, Naen explores the richness of pigments subtly playing on the contrasts between shine and dullness, between impasto and flat tints or between rough and smooth. Certainly, she draws her imagination from the observation of nature but also from the memory of shapes. This is reflected on the canvas by an explosion of matter like an echo of the 4 elements – earth, fire, air and water.
Light also has all its importance, it emanates from each painting and plunges us into a vaporous atmosphere where abstraction becomes almost figuration.
This duality comes from this pictorial experimentation where each painting is born from this long research but also from this creative brilliance and the emotions of the moment.
No doubt this is the secret of his paintings which awaken in us the magic of a dream world and the sweet happiness of being able to contemplate it.